Master Shon's Black Belt USA

Washington State's Premier Family Martial Arts Academy


Our programs encourage and help develop team spirit, family unity, self confidence, loyalty, respect and focus. All of which are important skills needed to succeed in today's world. We encourage our students to do well in school and to respect their parents and siblings.

Little Tigers 4-5

Ages of 4 to 6 are an incredible learning time for children. They begin to form ideas about themselves, others and the world around them. Master Shon's Tiny Tiger class gives students a great foundation for improved listening skills and increased focus required for our Children's Program. These programs give children a head start in life by instilling a positive self image and an "I can do it" attitude.

Kids Ages 6-11

Looking for a karate, kung fu, judo, tae kwon do or other martial arts program that is great for kids? Look no further, our Tae Kwon Do program under Master Shon is the right choice! We offer a great way for your children to build their confidence, sense of respect, discipline, coordination, strength, flexibility, self esteem, patience and effort. Our instructors will not just teach your kids to be safe by showing them the right way to punch, kick and defend themselves, but they will also help develop your childs character. During this time, they will learn to channel their energy into a positive attitude in a fun, active environment utilizing tae kwon do. We hope to turn all of our students into black belt leaders!

Adults Program

Lose weight, gain flexibility and agility, build strength, learn self defense and meet new people. These are just a few of the benefits you will gain from our adult program. Our tae kwon do and hap ki do program is a perfect way to experience aerobic exercise with key self defense skills. Why workout alone in a gym when you can take a class with a group of friends and encourage each other to achieve a greater goal? Tae kwon do is an active and satisfying martial art; you won't see any out of shape tae kwon do masters.

Family Classes

At Master Shon's Tae Kwon Do, we encourage parents and their children to participate in class together. In today's hectic world, there is little time for parents and their kids to spend time together. We know it is important for the kids to have their parents take part in their young lifes; therefore, we have devoloped classes specifically for kids and parents to workout together.

Demonstration Team

Our demonstration team is where students can share their appreciation of tae kwon do with others. You will learn to develop teamwork and work ethic in the dojangm, which you can use in your everyday life.The team performs at school functions, community events and tournaments. Students meet one time a week in additions to their regular classes.

Competition Team

If your goal is to make lots of friends, travel to different cities, learn new techniques, look for a competitive edge, and have lots of fun doing it; then Master Shon's Competition Team is the right place for you. We have a knowledgeable and successful coaching staff that has the development and success of our students in mind.

Birthday Parties

A Master Shon's Birthday Party is always a huge success! Parents tell us that our parties are the best they've ever had! Let our party hosts plan your child's next party. We Provide : A fun filled 1.5 hour Birthday Party (45 minutes of Martial Arts Fun). A gift for celebrant. 2 large pizza, sodas, plates, napkins, utensils and tablecloth. Great staff ready to make this a special day for your child and their friends. Exciting Tae Kwon Do drills and games every child is sure to love! Cost: For twelve participants (including celebrant) is $195.00. Each additional guest is $10.00. Master Shon's takes care of all the set up and clean up of the entire party. You must reserve your date and time at least two (2) weeks in advance. 253-838-5660